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AR-15 M16 M4 Davidson Defense Premium Complete Melonite Nitride bolt carrier group BCG

AR-15 M16 M4 Davidson Defense Premium Complete Melonite Nitride bolt carrier group BCG

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 5.56 nato .223 300 Blackout

Made By Davidson Defense

100% in the usa

AR-15/M16 Davidson Defense Complete Melonite Nitride bolt carrier group BCG Super high quality made of 9310 steel then nitride at the world class facility H&M then mpi hpt inspected for extreme safety making this one one of the highest quality BCG made standard profile.

So what is the difference between this carrier and the others we carry this bolt carrier group has less machine marks much cleaner machining every bolt head is HPT & MPI tested not one out of 100 like most companies do. The finish is a real nitride matte finish very uniform and properly prepped before the finish process so the finish is uniform and holds the nitride property's throughout bolt carrier group increasing the life of the bcg. 
 The carriers and the extractor is fully machined from billet stock not MIM cast for unfailing firing even up to 35,000 without extractor change.  
Most extractors on the market are mim Cast and are only good for 5,000 rounds max ours are not MIM cast.
M-16 firing pin stainless steel properly hardened this one may cost a tad more but worth it where for the life of your gun you should never need to replace the firing pin

(We do suggest that certain persons that use there gun for protection or for military or police that the extractor and ejector and firing pin be replaced at 10,000  and gas rings at 5000 rounds to ensure always flawless 100% function where if your life is on the line good maintained equipment  is always recommended for any one that uses there firearm for protection or work related uses.) This is the minimum required US Military replacement schedule should be adhered to even though the quality of the parts exceed mil-spec requirements.  

  •       Durability
  •       Lubricity
  •       Corrosive Resistance
  •       Carbon Resistance
  •       Extreme Metal hardness 85-90 Rockwell Exterior Hardness (Internal hardness is 38-40 Rockwell)
  •       Finished By H&M the Leader In BLACK NITRIDE Finishes.

So what is Nitride Finish?

Metal components treated with Nitride finishes they have increased wear-resistance, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, lubricity and cosmetic appeal. Often replacing the processes of hard chrome or nickel plating, black nitride gives better corrosion protection at equivalent to chrome plated bolt carrier groups (That why lately no one makes chrome plated bcg's any more black nitride has the same effect for half of the cost) nitride treats the metal so if it wares its still good where chrome plating once gone or worn off its no longer effective where nitride keeps on going and going being the finish changes the metal not just coating it with a thin layer of chrome.  Additionally,  products finished in black nitride look awesome & a big plus is they clean up faster and better than phosphate standard bolt carrier groups.


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