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Spike's Tactical Billet Upper- Gen II Ar-Ar-15 5.56 .223 300 blackout

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Spike's Tactical Billet Upper- Gen II
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The Spike?s Tactical billet upper-Gen II receiver is not just another different cosmetic alternative to forged upper receivers but it?s actually designed with functional upgrades that aren?t available on other billet upper receivers!

We machine this bad boy out of 7075 billet Aluminum and finish it in a durable Type III Hardcoat Anodized finish. Of course, we cut the M4 feed ramps before the Anodizing process to avoid reliability issues down the road. We also flared the side walls of the receiver to eliminate accidental bolt release problems and we also machined the upper receiver in a way that lets you use the popular Magpul BAD lever or other aftermarket bolt catch levers which most other billet upper receivers don?t let you do. Because of our beefier design, it allows for less flex than forged upper receivers.

We also play nice here at Spike?s Tactical and because of that, we machined our billet upper receiver to accept most aftermarket rail systems as well as pre-install the forward assist and the ejection port door. Just like how our billet lower receiver utilizes set screws to retain everything in place, the forward assist is held in place with a set screw for easy disassembly if you ever need to in the life of this upper receiver.

Our billet upper receiver matches our billet lower perfectly, but it also works great with standard forged lowers so it?s fully up to you on which receiver you want to use.

Get one today and make your next build the envy of everyone at the range!


  • Machined from billet 7075 Aluminum with a Type III Hardcoat Anodized finish
  • M4 feed ramps machined before the Anodizing process
  • Flared side walls to eliminate accidental bolt release
  • Pre-installed forward assist and ejection port door
  • Works with the Magpul BAD lever and other aftermarket bolt release levers
  • Spikes Tactical engraving
  • Works with most other aftermarket rail systems


  • Spike?s Tactical billet upper Gen II receiver (stripped)
  • Forward assist and ejection port door cover come pre-installed
  • Spike's Tactical Lifetime Warranty