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YHM Yankee Hill DIY Tac Latch & Davidson Defense AR-15 M4 Charging Handle Kit

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AR-15 M4 Charging Handle & Extended YHM Yankee Hill DIY Tac Latch Kit
Buy Both and save big $$ takes only a few min to install the tac latch use either a 1/16 inch punch or a 1/16 drill bit punch out the old tac latch (use a 1/16 inch drill bit as a punch don't drill or a 1/16 inch punch )
and in just a few min you have a $69 charging handle for only $21.99 that looks and works great Its easy to do most drill bit sets have a 1/16 inch bit in them grab a hammer put the pointed part down on the roll pin punch the pin almost out till the tac latch is free then install the new tac latch and grab the drill bit and use as a guide to hold in the tac latch then punch back in the pin and your done quick and easy and now you have that $69 look for $21.99 and it works just as good as any $69.99 extended tac latch charging handle so buy this kit and save big $$

So in the kit you get
1x charging handle made by davidson defense
1x Yhm Yankee Hill tac latch

Product Features

Never Struggle to charge your AR-15  again!  This replacement latch allows you to access your charging handle with ease. 

Particularly popular among those with a scope on their AR-15, or those who wear gloves while shooting. 

This latch features extra surface area to reach for when you need to charge your AR-15 rifle.


-Made from steel
-Matte black finish (Melonite)
-This is the latch itself only.
-This product does include roll pin installed in handle must reuse for extended latch
-This product does include the charging handle.

-Weight: 0.6 oz. (Latch alone)

(punch and drill bit not included)

This charging handle is manufactured and assembled by Omega Mfg Inc. Omega makes Charging Handles out of the finest materials for many of the largest gun MFG in the world. 

Made In the USA  In Arizona !!
Machined from aluminum 7075 T6 forgings also made here In the usa by Davidson Defense
Complete assembly including standard latch & enhanced yhm extended latch also
Finished in Type III Hardcoat Anodized and Teflon Coated final finish for smoother operation

At delta team tactical we offer these DIY kits so you the customer gain experience and get satisfaction of building your own rifle not just buying it all put together but really building and learning at the same time your gun will mean 2x more to you once you make it your self learning what we did that made us love guns even more than ever where once you make your gun your way you will never go back to buying preassembled ar-15s ever again really its that fun.