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1911 Handgun Rear Sight - Unfinished

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1911 Handgun Front Sight - Unfinished

Reproduction 1911 rear sights, that were included on several early variants of the 1911.  Bringing their expertise in refinishing original 1911 pistols, Turnbull Manufacturing is now creating replacement parts for these classic firearms.  Reproduction rear sights are available as a round, or flat top style.  Both versions feature a proper round notch for sighting.  The round top was used on Colt 1911 pistols from serial number 1 to 62,000.  In 1913, the flat top version was introduced, and was used between serial numbers 62,001 through 958,100.  The flat top style was also used on all Remington-UMC & Singer pistols.  Steel construction unfinished.

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