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.270 Cal/7mm Bore Snake cleaning system Rifle Cleaning Kit

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  • Bore snake cleaning kit----the world's fastest sales gun bore cleaner 
  • Sling with drop head and bronze brush connected with holder for rope or patch
  • Snake rope in floss material offers more cleaning area with more than 200 times usage
  • Patches with gun oil to protect your firearms from rust for long time storage
  • Fit .0.270 firearms and 7mm rifle etc
  • Sling length with bronze brush: 120cm (47.2 inch)
  • Snake rope length: 75cm (29.5 inch)
  • Total weight (net): 31g (1.1 ounce) 
  • Can be washed by water
  • Superior style, easy to use with instruction 
  • High end quality design 
  • Blister package with colorful brief instruction 
  • Kit includes: Sling with build-in bronze brush & holder, snake rope and gun oil patch, retail blister package

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