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3 Gun Labs Inc. LMB AR-15 Aluminum Light Weight 5.56 BCG - Pick Your Color - Red, Blue or Silver

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3 Gun Labs Inc. LMB AR-15 Aluminum Light Weight 5.56 BCG 
- Pick Your Color Red, Blue or Silver

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LMB (Low Mass BCG) This BCG was designed with weight in mind. Feature high strength aluminum that has been hard anodized coated, the LMB weighs in at a mere 5.9 oz. As far as longevity goes, 
The shooter can expect 12,000 + rounds of operating Just A Small Amount Less Than Rated Life Of Steel Bolt Group.
The LMB is completely drop in and uses the existing spring and buffer. No modifications are needed for operating. 
Same Mfg As Shooting innovations BCG This Bcg is Rebranded By Many Other Companies That Charge $100s More for It.
Unique Plasma Finish That Makes It on Outside As Hard As Most Steel's 
Substantially Reduces Recoil. (Less Mass = Less Kick)
Substantially Increases Cycle Speed For Faster Recovery Of Shots ( 3 Gun Competition Approved)
Used By Some Of The Lead Competition Shooters in The World This BCG Is Super High Quality.
Mfg In Idaho By 3 Gun Labs Inc. Leading 3 Gun Custom Parts Supplier. 
Reduces Firearm Weight, 
Extremely Durable Finish
Designed For Competition Shooting.

BCG Parts:
Carrier – 7075
Gas key – 4130 pre hardened nitrided
Bolt – 9310 heat treated, MPI inspected, nitride
Cam pin – 8620 heat treated, nitride
Firing pins – 416 SS heat treated, polished
Proprietary 2 part anodizining, first coating creates a hard surface filling in all the pores of material, second coating creates another level of hardness while giving it that wonderful anodized metallic look.
Weight  5.9 ounces

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