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 Welcome to the NEW OMEGA!

Omega Tactical Distribution, formerly known as Omega Manufacturing Inc, is a distributor of AR-15, LR-308, tactical accessories, and other firearms parts.

Our goal is to work with Dealers to help them get the best prices, so they can grow their businesses. With our NO minimum order requirement, it makes it easy to purchase the product you need at a discounted rate.


We have a few options to become dealers:


Dealer A – Has a Business License and a Reseller's License.

Documentation Needed for Approval: Copy of your Business License and a copy of your current Reseller's License.


Dealer B – Has an FFL, Business License, Sales Tax ID, and a W9 available.

Documentation Needed for Approval: FFL number and a copy of your current FFL, a copy of your Business License, copy of your current Reseller's License, and your W9.

Once you create an account, you can go HERE to upload your information if you have a google account, or email the documentation along with your contact info to [email protected]

We love to talk! 
Need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net? Contact us, and a member of our Sales Team would be more than happy to help!

Thanks for shopping with us!

Omega Tactical Distribution
333 N State Street
Orem, UT US
[email protected]