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Battle Arms Development Low Profile Gas Block .750 Nitride

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Battle Arms Development Low Profile Gas Block .750 Nitride

The Battle Arms Development Lightweight and Low Profile Gas Block for AR-15 rifles features the durable set screw installation method and is designed for barrels with a .750” gas block shelf. If you are trying to build the ultimate lightweight AR, this gas block is the perfect one for your build. CNC machined from a block of steel with a durable black Nitride finish, this gas block is built to last without adding unnecessary weight. It features a unique C-shaped profile that helps to reduce weight in the areas that don’t need material. It includes the two stainless steel set screws for mounting. Building an ultra lightweight AR-15 just got better with the Battle Arms Development Lightweight Gas Block.

  • CNC machined from steel
  • ½” spacing between set screws
  • Includes two stainless steel set screws
  • Low profile .750” inner diameter
  • C shaped profile to help reduce weight

Battle Arms Development, Inc. is a design, research, and development firm focusing on small arms design including firearm components, tools, gauges, accessories, and complete weapon systems. All B.A.D. Inc. products are made in the U.S.A. and held to the highest manufacturing standards to exceed the expectations of the most demanding users.

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