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Davidson Defense AR-15 7.62x39mm Enhanced Steel Firing Pin

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 Davidson Defense AR-15 7.62x39mm Enhanced Firing Pin

 (Reduces Light Strikes For Drop In Triggers For All Calibers)

Enhances All Calibers Without Piercing Primers

With Its Enhanced Tip Radius Unlike Most 

7.62x39 Pins That Only Increase Length Ours Has A Softer Radius That Keeps Primer Intact.

So Use On 5.56 NATO 50 Beowulf 6.8 SPC 6.5 Grendel 7.62x39 25-45 Sharps 458 Socom 450 Bushmaster

To Ensure Proper Ignition & Reliability Of All Calibers 

Great For Eliminating Light Strikes From Drop In Triggers 

7.62x39 Enhanced Firing Pin & Much More 

When performing maintenance inspections, make sure the tip of the firing pin is neither too blunt (causing possible misfires) or too sharp 
(possibly piercing the primer). For safety, replace your old Firing Pin if you have any doubt Where Pierced Primers Can Cause Other Serious Malfunctions Or Failure Of The Bolt. 
The Davidson Defense Firing Pin Has Been Designed To Be Used In Full Auto Weapons Or Semi Auto & Designed To Not Bind In Bolt Head Possibly Causing Out Of Battery Firing Common With Many Other Cheap Enhanced Firing Pins. Don't Risk Your New Build With A Firing Pin That A Company Files Down The Back Retaining Portion Calling It Enhanced The Radius Needs To Be Changed At The Same Time As Length.
This Firing Pin Will. Ignite All Military & Surplus. Primers No Matter Of Hardness 
Great For Enhancing The Reliability Of Match Drop In Triggers ( Reduces Light Strikes)
M16 Configuration So It Eliminates The Chance Of Firing Pin Breakage (Ar-15 Pins Have Reduced Diameter For The Retaining Portion Of The Pin)
Works In Both M16 Carriers & Ar-15 Semi Auto Carriers 
Made From Vacuum Hardened 17-4 Stainless Steel. 
Made In Provo ,Utah USA
Designed By A Major University's Engineering Department To Work In All Calibers Of Rifles.
Manufactured On Precise Swiss Tooling CNC Machines That Keep Tolerances Of  Under .0001 Of An Inch Insuring Your Rifle Will Fire Safely & Reliably