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Davidson Defense AR-15 9mm Stainless Steel Firing Pin & Spring

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Davidson Defense AR-15 9mm Firing Pin and Spring 

An extra firing pin is a perfect addition for your range bag. If you are a recreational shooter, or a competitor.  Don't let your range day, hunt or competition end early. We rarely have firing pins break in our 9mm BCG's, but things can happen. Rapid heat change or ammunition failure where the case reaches out of the side can most assuredly damage or break a firing pin. These malfunctions normally do not happen but when they do & in an emergency you'll be glad you had a backup firing pin in your bag & for whole whopping $11.99 you can have a firing pin & spring ready to go at a moments notice.

  The pistol calibers 9 mm .40 S&W AR-15 firing pins do break more often than the 5.56 NATO variant Ar-15's so it's always good to have a backup. 
 In a pinch you can use your spare firing pin as a roll pin punch.  I have done many times & I was glad I had a spare firing pin in my bag.


  • Made from 17–4 hardened stainless steel
  • Swiss machine for precision
  • Made in Utah by Davidson Defense
  • Made to exact mil spec standards
  • Firing pin spring made by Wolff

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