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Davidson Defense AR-15 AR Pistol Barrel 7.5" Contour Barrel 1-7 Twist .223 Wylde Parkerized Finish

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Davidson Defense Premium Phosphate 7.5" Barrel 1-7 Twist

Davidson Defense Barrels are manufactured from  4150 Gun Quality Steel Blank, Heat Treated and Stress Relieved.

They are Drilled, Reamed, Rifled, Turned, and if Applicable, fluted on CNC Machines.

 All of these are 100% made in the usa by Americans for Americans.

 All of the machining of the Barrels is completed by one of Davidson Defenses Machine Contractors  then all are taken to our facility in Utah for a rigorous and full inspection  barrel proofing and hpt testing are done on each batch of 50 barrels 

All our Finished Barrels go through a 100%  headspace and quality control Inspection Process.

Inspections Equipment includes CMMs and Air Gauges for the Bores.

Davidson Defense barrel processing manager has with over 25 years machining experience.

Davidson Defense Barrels are manufactured under the ISO-9002 Quality Systems.

Davidson Defense sells to many of the worlds Gun Manufacturers and now are selling to you the public for a cost that for the quality is unheard of but now available to you.

Each barrel is individually stamped with the caliber and twist rate for exacting and unrelenting quality control

Davidson Defense expectations is that our Barrels, 16 inch or longer, will hold a 1.000" MOA at 100 yards with appropriate ammo and shooting techniques.

(do not use lacquer coated brown bear bullets or any bullet that is lacquer coated or reloaded bullets that you personally have not made where your life is on the line to save a few cents on some gun show ammo that seems too good to be true it usually is please be safe we value all of our customers )

Davidson Defense have rifle manufactures that have reported regular production barrels that shot a .700" MOA.

So do not skimp on the most important part of your rifle or ar pistol buy Davidson Defense barrels you will be glad you did.

Delta Team Tactical is the exclusive dealer for all Davidson defense products












.223 Wylde

Feed Ramp




Gas System


Gas Block System


Gas Hole Diameter