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Delta Deals Advanced Builders Kit Featuring Kak Barrel Dimpling Jig & Walt's Tool

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Delta Deals Advanced Builders Kit

KAK Industries Dimble Drill Jig Kit .750

This Jig Kit Includes A Drill Jig, KEO Brand Spot Drill, Pointed Set Screw To Help With Alignment, And An Allen Wrench. This Kit Is For Use With Barrels That Have A Gas Port Size Of .750. Made From 4140 Hardened Steel, This Kit Has A Phosphate Finish. 

KAK Industries Bolt Catch Roll Pin Starter Punch (Walt's Tool)

If You Are Tired Of Not Having A Helping Hand For Putting In Your Bolt Catch In Then This Is The Tool For You. Designed To Hold Your Bolt Catch Roll Pin Steady, This Tool Will Help You Start Your Pin Without Scratching Up Your Lower. Made From 304 Stainless Steel For Durability, This Tool Was Designed To Be As Simple As Possible. 

Elite Tool Series AR-15 Enhanced Armorer's Wrench

Finally an Armorer's Wrench with everything that you need. This unique tool combines all of the necessary tools to eliminate the need of owning multiple wrench types. Use it for all of your assembly and all of their variants. 

The wrench allows the installation/removal of barrel nuts, muzzle devices and buttstocks. Made of powder-coated steel, the wrench's long-lasting durability can be counted on. 

- Easy removal and upgrade of flash hider or muzzle break 
- Barrel nut wrench: Easy disassembly and installation of barrels and free float tubes/handguards 
- Screw driver tip: Buttstock/buffer tube removal 
- Flat head tip screw driver for A2 butt stock 
- Hole wall hanging 
- Made of Heavy Duty Steel with a durable 4140 powder coat finish 
- 8-in-1 AR-15 armorer wrench has 8 must-have tools in one 
- Quick removal and replacement of buffer tubes and stocks 
- 1/2 square opening for torque bar