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Famous No-Fail 7.62X39 AR15 Melonite Hbar Barrel

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Melonite AR Ar-15 16" Hbar Barrel 7.62X39 AR-15 Made by Advanced Research 

Stripped, HBAR CM Melonited 16" barrel delivers features you expect to find on a premium-grade rifle barrel at a remarkably economical price. 

16" Barrel 
.750 Shoulder 
1:10 Twist 
Government Hbar 4150 CM Melonited 
Chambered 7.62X39 mm NATO 

Made by Advanced Research in the USA

Machined from Ordnance-Grade 4150 chromium-molybdenum Alloy steel and Melonited for exceptional strength.

Every barrel is magnetic particle inspected.

Ultra-Black Nitride Finish outside!


Special chamber design copied from Russian AK-47 chambering.

Proof Tested. Chambered for 7.62X39, with Two-stage lapped for super accuracy. 

Includes pre-installed barrel extension, with M4 feed ramp and locator pin. 

Gas port is drilled and muzzle is pre-threaded to accept 5/8 x24 tpi accessories. .750 Diameter. 

Carbine length gas system.

This barrel is rated for 35,000 rounds. It has the longest life of any Melonited barrel on the market.