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Magpul RVG - Rail Vertical Grip Black

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Magpul MOE Rail Vertical Grip RVG AR-15 Black


Get a grip on your shooting prowess with the Magpul RVG - Rail Vertical Grip Black. Engineered for precision and comfort, this grip is the ultimate choice for tactical operators looking to level up their game and dominate the field with ease.

Presenting the Magpul RVG - Rail Vertical Grip Black, a versatile addition designed to improve your shooting experience with precision and comfort. Crafted specifically for use with 1913 Picatinny railed hand guards, this vertical foregrip offers a lightweight and cost-effective solution without compromising on performance. Its ergonomic design fits seamlessly into your hand, whether used traditionally or optimized for the "thumb break method" taught by Magpul DynamicsSM. This grip not only increases stability during rapid fire but also provides intuitive handling, making it ideal for tactical operations and competitive shooting environments.

Optimized for Tactical Precision:
Engineered for versatility, the Magpul RVG is optimized to meet the demands of professional shooters and enthusiasts alike. Its ergonomic shape provides a comfortable grip that aids in controlling your firearm with confidence and ease. The included mounting hardware and universal mounting rail offer flexibility, allowing you to customize its fit to various factory hand guards for a seamless integration. Whether for improving target acquisition or shooting stability, this vertical grip stands out as a reliable choice that increases both functionality and aesthetics of your firearm setup.

Durable Construction, American Quality:
Proudly made in the U.S.A., the Magpul RVG is crafted from high-quality materials to withstand rugged use and harsh conditions. Its robust construction grants long-lasting durability while maintaining a lightweight profile that adds minimal weight to your firearm. Improve your shooting experience with a vertical grip trusted by professionals and designed to elevate your firearm control and tactical effectiveness.

Why Choose the Magpul RVG?
Choose the Magpul RVG for its ergonomic design, versatility, and durability that improves your shooting performance and comfort. Whether you're navigating close-quarter engagements or honing your marksmanship skills, this vertical grip delivers consistent reliability and control. Upgrade your firearm setup with a grip that combines American craftsmanship, tactical functionality, and intuitive design, making sure you're equipped for success in any shooting scenario. Invest in the Magpul RVG to optimize your shooting experience with a grip that sets the standard for quality and performance.


Brand: Magpul
Model: MOE Rail Vertical Grip RVG AR-15 Black
Grip Type: Vertical Grip
Grip Texture: Rubberized
Material: Polymer
Color: Black
Attachment Type: 1913 Picatinny Rail

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