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Midwest Industries .30 Caliber Blast Diverter Steel Parkerized

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The Blast Diverter from Midwest Industries is a great choice for anyone who is on a dynamic entry team or frequently shoots in close proximity to other people. It is a linear compensator that works to divert all of the muzzle blast from your rifle or pistol straight forward, towards the target, and reducing the effect of concussion on those around you. It fits any .30 caliber (7.62, .308, .300 Blackout etc) modern sporting rifle with a standard 5/8x24 threaded muzzle. The Blast Diverter is made of tool steel with a Parkerized finish, and includes a new crush washer. a MUST FOR ANY 300 BLACKOUT BUILD

Specifications and Features:
Tool steel
Directs muzzle blast towards target
Reduces felt concussion around the shooter
Includes crush washer

Muzzles threaded 5/8x24