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Omega Mfg. AR-15 M4 Polymer Pistol Grip With Bottom Storage Compartment

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Omega Mfg. AR-15 M4 Polymer Pistol Grip With Bottom Storage Compartment


Maintain exceptional grip and control in any situation with this phenomenal pistol grip! Designed to be one of the most ergonomic grips out there and featuring a storage compartment, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal.

Take control of your AR-15 with the Omega Manufacturing M4 Polymer Pistol Grip (with storage compartment), designed to provide improved ergonomics and increase the comfort and control of your firearm. This pistol grip features finger grooves and a thumb rest, ensuring a secure hold during any shooting scenario - whether you're doing long-range shooting or quick drills. Plus, the built-in storage compartment holds small tools, batteries, and anything else that you might need if you find yourself in a pinch. Designed to keep you in control, the Omega Manufacturing Polymer Pistol Grip is an excellent choice for any mission.

Lightweight and Durable Polymer Construction:
Crafted from high-quality, lightweight polymer, the Omega Manufacturing M4 Pistol Grip is built to withstand the rigors of heavy use while keeping your AR-15 as light as possible. The durable material ensures long-lasting performance without adding unnecessary weight, making it ideal for shooters who demand both strength and mobility from their equipment. The robust construction of this grip guarantees it can handle the toughest conditions, providing reliability you can count on.

Convenient Storage Compartment:
The Omega Manufacturing M4 Polymer Pistol Grip goes beyond basic functionality with an integrated bottom storage compartment. This convenient feature allows you to store essential items such as tools, batteries, or other small accessories directly within the grip. Having these items readily available can be a game-changer in the field, ensuring you have quick access to necessary equipment without the need for additional carrying solutions.

The Ideal Upgrade for Your AR-15:
The Omega Manufacturing AR-15 M4 Polymer Pistol Grip with Bottom Storage Compartment is the perfect upgrade for those looking to enhance the ergonomics, durability, and functionality of their firearm. Its ergonomic design with finger grooves and a thumb rest provides superior control, while the lightweight and durable polymer construction ensures longevity and reliability. The added storage compartment is a practical feature that offers quick access to essential items, making it a versatile choice for any AR-15 enthusiast. Elevate your shooting experience with this exceptional pistol grip and enjoy the benefits of improved handling and convenience.


Brand: Omega Mfg.
Model: AR-15 M4 Polymer Pistol Grip With Bottom Storage Compartment
Material: Glass Filled Polymer
Grip Texture: Stippled
Beaver Tail: Yes
Storage Compartment: Yes
Color: Black

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