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Omega Mfg. Mid-Length Black Nitride Premium Gas Tube

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Omega Mfg. Mid-Length Black Nitride Premium Gas Tube


Black Nitride Mil Spec Gas Tube (Mid-Length) American Armament Ind.  Black Nitride gas tubes are made out of Seamless Mil-Spec 304 stainless steel.

Each tube is QPQ Nitride treated for greater heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and lower reflection. 

These gas tubes are rated for all calibers, including .223, 5.56, 300 blackout, 5.45x39, 7.62x39  .308  6.5 creedmore even short magnum calibers. 

Calibers that would destroy most tubes this tube can handle 

This Tube is designed to fit all AR-15 M16 M4 Or Lr-308 variants that have Mid-Length gas systems. 

Low glare black gas tubes eliminate any glare underneath the hand guard. Black Nitride is also known melonite. 

MFG By American Armament Ind. For Davidson Defense Using the Highest Quality Materials Avail.  Made 100% In The USA


Length: Approximately 11 3/4"
304 Stainless Steel Aerospace Grade 
Seamless Tube
QPQ Nitrided 
Exceeds All Quality & Measurement Variation Minimum & Maximum Mil-Spec Requirements. 
Rated For Sustained Full Automatic Fire
Fit and finish of this gas tube is superb it also comes with a roll pin too.