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Omega Tactical Distribution Gift Card $100

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Gift Certificate Information

Omega Tactical Distribution Gift Card - $100
(Because even if you don't know guns you can still get a gift that keeps on giving.)

Can't figure out what that Special Someone wants this year? What Caliber, What Style, What Manufacturer? There are so many answers that you don't know. Instead of ruining the surprise by asking what exactly they want you can get a gift card to help them with their next purchase or build. This Gift Card is a digital download that you can print off and throw into any stocking, and you don't have to get a physical card to use. 

Important **** When purchasing the Gift Card it will be sent to the email that you provide on the listing and that there will be no physical copy coming to your address, you can print off the Gift card and all the person has to do is enter it in the "Apply Coupon" box at checkout, then the money will be put towards that order. You can use multiple Gift Card codes at checkout. Just enter them individually. If your Gift Card amount is more than your purchase the remaining balance will be under that code for the next time that you go to purchase. ****

Gift Cards are Non-Refundable.