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Real Avid AR-15 Micro Tool 18 in 1 Carry Tool

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Real Avid AR-15 Micro Tool 18 in 1 Carry Tool

The last thing anyone wants is to get to the range and have a glitch keep you from making it rain brass. Whether it’s adjustments sighting in, tearing down or scraping carbon from a sticky bolt, this little wonder can save the day.

Precision milled surfaces offer one-stroke carbon scraping on the AR15’s grubbiest dirt-collecting spots—the bolt face, bolt tail, and large and small diameter firing pins.

The pin punch on a rotating turret deploys to handle stubborn pins. The front sight adjuster precisely tunes AR front blades.

In addition to its AR15 specific tools, the AR15 Micro Tool is loaded with convenient everyday functionality: bottle opener, wrenches (1/8” through 3/8”), 1” ruler, flathead screwdriver, cutter, 5MM bit driver, a carabiner, and a key ring with strap.


  • All stainless steel construction
  • Key ring with strap
  • Bolt tail scraper
  • Firing pin scrapers
  • Wrenches: 3/8”, 5/16”,1/4”, 3/16”, 1/8”
  • 5mm bit driver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Front sight adjuster
  • Rotating “turret”
  • Bolt face scraper/screwdriver
  • Bottle opener
  • Cutter
  • Pin punch
  • 1” Ruler
  • Carabiner