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Aero Precision LR-308 M5 .308 Stripped Upper Receiver (Fits: DPMS High Height Handguards)

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Aero Precision LR-308 M5 .308 Stripped Upper Receiver (Fits: DPMS High Height Handguards)


An incredible LR-308 DPMS upper from Aero Precision!

In the world of tactical gear, precision and reliability are paramount. The Aero Precision LR-308 M5 .308 Stripped Upper Receiver offers a top-notch solution for creating an incredible LR-308 / AR-10 build. With its durable construction, DPMS high profile design, Mil-spec compatibility, and full Picatinny rail, this upper is an excellent choice for those seeking a quality upper receiver that will stand strong against the rigor of heavier calibers like .308.

Built to Last:
Crafted from forged and anodized 7075-T6 aluminum, this upper receiver combines the best of both worlds: lightweight and incredibly strong. The 7075-T6 aluminum ensures that your gear can handle the rigors of intense tactical situations without adding unnecessary weight. You'll appreciate its corrosion resistance and the way it stands up to the elements, ensuring that this upper receiver is a long-lasting investment.

DPMS High Profile Design
The Aero Precision LR-308 M5 upper receiver adheres to Mil-Spec standards, ensuring seamless compatibility with a wide range of components and accessories. This upper receiver is designed with a DPMS high profile, perfectly suited for high-profile LR-308 handguards. It's the solution for those who require the extra space and versatility offered by high-profile handguards. Mounting accessories, optics, and other enhancements is a breeze thanks to the high profile of this receiver. Whether you're building your dream tactical rifle or upgrading your current setup, this upper receiver's design is your assurance of maximum compatibility. It's engineered to fit the LR-308 / AR-10 platform but works best with Aero M5 .308 Lowers.

Full Length Picatinny Rail:
One of the standout features of this Aero Precision upper receiver is its top Picatinny Rail. This rail provides a stable and secure platform for mounting various accessories and optics. Whether you need a red dot sight, scope, or other tactical gear, this upper receiver has you covered.

Why Choose the Aero Precision LR-308 M5 .308 Stripped Upper Receiver?
The Aero Precision LR-308 M5 .308 Stripped Upper Receiver is your ticket to an incredible LR-308 build. Its lightweight yet robust 7075-T6 aluminum construction ensures durability without slowing you down. The Mil-Spec design guarantees compatibility with a range of components, and the DPMS high profile accommodates high-profile handguards with ease. Plus, the top Picatinny Rail offers endless possibilities for customization. Whether you're a professional shooter, a competition enthusiast, or hunter, or someone wanting a little more firepower, this upper receiver is a game-changer.


Brand: Aero Precision
Model: LR-308 M5 .308 Stripped Upper Receiver (Fits: DPMS High Height Handguards)
Platform: AR-10
Type: Forged
Material: 7075-T6
Style: Mil-Spec
Caliber Compatibility: Standard Rifle
Allows Anti-Rotation Tabs: Yes
Upper Section: Picatinny Rail
Finish: Anodized
Forward Assist: Yes
FA Pin Type: N/A
Dust Door: Yes

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