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AXIL GS Electronic Ear Buds

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AXIL GS Electronic Ear Buds

The AXIL GS Electronic Ear Buds provide hearing enhancement and protection at the same time. It has a 6.5 premium dynamic speaker and shuts out sounds at 85 DB or louder. It features a rechargeable lithium battery on the lanyard and provides 12 hours of hearing enhancement and protection run time. It has a patented in-ear design for improved comfort and performance. Users can easily control the volume with the control stick.

Brand: AXIL
Model: GS Electronic Ear Buds

Auto Blocker Hearing Protection
Shuts Out Sounds at 85 DB or Louder
6.5 Premium Dynamic Speaker
0 Hz - 40,000 Hz Spectrum
19 DB SNR with Silicon Tips
29 DB SNR with Foam Tips

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