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Omega Mfg. AR-9 Pistol Buffer Tube Kit - 5.4oz (9mm) Buffer Kit

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Omega Mfg. AR-9 Pistol Buffer Tube Kit - 5.4oz (9mm) Buffer

Omega Mfg. AR-15 End Plate with Center QD Sling Swivel Point *Made In USA*

This Omega Mfg. AR-15 end plate allows the attachment of slings with quick detach slings swivels. It easily installs in minutes and will replace the original factory receiver end plate. This will allow you to attach a sling for a 180 degree range of motion to smoothly transition from one shoulder to the other and avoid snagging on your clothes or other gear while shooting. It is also great for easy tactical carry when not in use. No gunsmithing is required, fits both commercial and mil-spec buffer tube.

Omega Mfg. Heavy Duty Pistol Buffer Tube

This Omega Mfg. AR-15 Pistol Buffer Tube is ready to install on your AR-15 pistol build. This buffer tube is machined to strict standards to provide an excellent fit and reliable function. The Omega Mfg. buffer tube is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and given a hard coat anodized finish to withstand years of abuse. Outside diameter of 1.248" is sized for SB Tactical Braces. Fabricated to be a superb product for pretty much anybody, we're sure you'll love the Omega Mfg. Pistol Buffer Tube .

Pistol Buffer Tube does fit SBM4 but will be a very tight fit.

Note: May or May Not Include Foam Pad, Snug fit for most Pistol Braces and/or Blades

Standard AR-15 Carbine Recoil Spring - Made In The USA

Made of the finest spring steel rated for 20,000+ rounds

KAK Industries AR-15 9mm Carbine Buffer

This 9mm buffer is designed to be used on new or converted AR-15 shooting 9mm. Depending on a number of factors including barrel length, a heavier buffer may work much better than the standard 3 oz buffer. It is also used to reduce cycle rate of the AR-15 and felt recoil. This is a 5.4 ounce filled buffer to facilitate correct timing, cycling and firing of 9 mm and 9 mm +P loaded ammunition.

Many 9mm AR-15's need a 5.4-5.8 oz buffer weight of buffer to cycle properly.

While designed specifically for the 9mm, they can be used to slow the cyclic rate of full automatic M-16 rifles/M4. This Buffer is made In the USA by KAK Industries and they are each quality inspected.

Recoil Technologies AR-15 Carbine Castle Nut

Standard Mil-Spec Castle Nut

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