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Crush Washer 5/8"

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AR-15 5/8 Crush Washer

How many times have you built out a rifle, and finally got to the last component, and as you're going to put on the muzzle device, you realize that you don't have a crush washer? We know that struggle and bring you the 5/8" Crush Washer that is simple and perfect for any build.

These crush washers are rated for 15-20 ft-lbs and will help get those muzzle devices timed perfectly! Plus at this price, keeping a bunch of spare crush washers around is never a bad call! Whether you are building an AR-15 from scratch or upgrading a muzzle device, these crush washers make it easy to secure your muzzle device and ensure that it works the way it was intended to - no matter if it is a flash hider, muzzle brake, or flash can.

So come grab some of these crush washers and never worry about getting your build held up on something this small again!


Model: 5/8" Crush Washer - Black

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