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Davidson Defense AR-15 9mm Stainless Steel Firing Pin & Spring

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Davidson Defense AR-15 9mm Firing Pin and Spring

The firing pin is the heart of a BCG in the AR platform, if it is too long or short, you're going to experience some issues, over time firing pins are known to shear and fall into need of repair, and the last thing you want at the range is for your rifle to go down while training! Davidson Defense provides replacement AR-15 9mm firing pins and springs that not only look great but come ready to rock and roll!

Pistol cartridges generally have more pressure going through their weapon platforms and since almost all AR-9 platforms are direct blowback, you have a much more intense firing sequence, lots of standard wear and tear occur much faster in an AR-9 than in an AR-15 system using rifle cartridges. Don't let yourself get bummed out because you are training consistently with your platform of choice, just ensure you are always prepared for any situation, especially a firing pin issue in your AR!

Made from 17-4 hardened stainless steel that is made right here in Utah, don't let yourself run low on vital AR-9 components. Come grab your spares today!


Model: AR-15 9mm Firing Pin and Spring

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