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Flip Up + Magazine : OmegaTac Premium Flip Up Sight Set + Strike Industries AR-15 32 Round Magazine, .223/5.56

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Flip-Up + Magazine :
+OmegaTac Premium Flip-Up Sight Set
+Strike Industries AR-15 32 Round Magazine, .223/5.56

OmegaTac Premium Flip-Up Sight Set

For the modern marksman, an optic is prevalently found on AR-15 pattern rifles. However, nothing beats having a true set of backup sights or even a general-purpose pair of sights! Now modern iron sights come in different designs and styles, low profile, flip-up, polymer, steel, and some with adjustable apertures. Iron sights are a must-have for any situation with your rifle or pistol!

About this Sight System: This sight set is a Flip-Up rail-mounted pair of sights, featuring polymer construction, and a sturdy front and rear post to retain zero.

Front Sight: This front sight is winged/hooded on its sides to protect the sight post from rough use and harsh conditions in the field.

Rear Sight: The rear sight is winged/hooded to protect the rear aperture and adjustment dials on the sight's main housing from rough use and hard environmental conditions.

Flip-Up: Manual - The Omega Mfg. Flip Sights Sight uses a manual flip-up and release method with a ball-bearing detent for sturdy locking positions.

Construction: Metal - This sight system is constructed from Aluminum and is treated with a protective coating to improve hardness and increase corrosion resistance.

Rear Aperture: This sight features a 2 position aperture, both a wide-angle and peep sight aperture. The Wide-angle aperture is used for faster target acquisition and closer quarters. The peep sight aperture is for greater precision at longer ranges.

Strike Industries AR-15 32 Round Magazine, .223/5.56

About this Magazine: The Strike AR-15 Magazine (32+ rounds) is a high-strength polymer .223 Remington/5.56 NATO AR-15/M4/M16 compatible magazine. We've managed to give you two plus (2+) extra rounds compared to the standard AR-15 magazine, which keeps you in the fight or have additional fun at the range without having to reload. With the "AccuRamp" first-round feed tray design feature, keep your eyes on the target knowing that your reloads are ready to go. To ensure the last little bit of reliability, there is an included anti-tilt follower so even uneven pressure will not lock up this magazine no matter which hand you use. Anti-slip finger grooves on both sides of the magazine help give positive tactile control when inserting the magazine. The slick-profile design makes it easy to insert and remove in a double or even triple stack magazine pouch setup. Made in the U.S.A.

Construction: Polymer: The main body of this magazine is a synthetic polymer blend that is black.

Feed-Lips: Polymer: The feed-lips on this magazine are uniform with the material of the body.

Capacity: This magazine has an extended capacity of 32 rounds.

Follower: The Strike Industries 30+2 mag uses a nonbinding, black follower. Providing excellent feeding and loading.

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