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Furniture Kit: Magpul MOE Stock, OD Green, Fits Mil-Spec Carbine Tube + Magpul MOE AR-15 Grip OD Green

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Furniture Kit:
+Magpul MOE Stock, OD Green, Fits Mil-Spec Carbine Tube
+Magpul MOE AR-15 Grip OD Green

Magpul MOE Stock, OD Green, Fits Mil-Spec Carbine Tube

Adding an Adjustable Stock to your rifle build is an essential piece to balancing your rifle & improving a shooter's comfort while in use. Stocks come in all shapes and sizes, a few things to be mindful of when picking your next adjustable stock is what personal application you will be putting your rifle through. Running Drills, Clearing Rooms, Competition Shooting, Hunting, Long Range, Bench shooting, or whatever other application you may need to use your rifle in. Having a comfortable and well-balanced & portable rifle starts with the stock.

Brand: Magpul Industries Corporation is an American designer and manufacturer of high-tech polymer and composite firearms accessories.

Model: One of the best-selling stocks on the market is now available in OD Green. This Magpul MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) stock is made in the USA and will enhance almost any build. The stock has an A-frame design that increases strength, protects the adjustment lever, and streamlines its profile. It is crafted from reinforced polymer and has a comfortable, sloping cheek weld. The buttpad adds extra grip and increased impact protection. The ODG adds a subtle twist to this timeless Magpul MOE stock.

Platform: AR-15 / 10

Buffer Tube Compatability - Carbine Buffer Tube: The MOE Stock fits on a Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer using only household tools to initially seat and secure into place. After seating, it can freely adjust to different positions.

Sling Loop: The MOE ODG Stock features multiple sling loops for easy classic mounting without the need for extra hardware.

Material: MOE ODG Stock Is made out of Reinforced Polymer for reliability and impact resistance against the great outdoors.

Finish: MOE ODG Stock is finished with an ODG appearance.

Buttpad: This stock has a rubber buttpad to lighten the felt recoil impulse directed to the shooter. Replaceable 0.30" Rubber Butt-Pad

Compatible with Magpul ASAP(R), ASAP(R) QD, and other receiver-mount sling attachments

Magpul MOE AR-15 Grip OD Green

Aftermarket AR-15 pistol grips are a great way to turn the already good A2 style grip design into a more comfortable, feature-rich grip for your rifle or pistol. Aftermarket AR-15 grips can feature extra storage compartments, over-molded rubber grips, and finger grooves. AR-15 Pistol grip houses a critical component, the safety selector spring, which applied pressure on the safety selector, holding it in place, and making the tactile click when switching between safe and fire. Thanks to the interchangeability of parts between the AR-15 and LR-308 / AR-10 platforms, AR-15 grips can be used between both rifle patterns.

About This Pistol Grip: The Magpul MOE AR-15 Grip is finally available in OD Green! This ergonomic design allows for this grip to be tough and lightweight. The experts at Magpul have given this grip a nice texture for positive weapon control. One of the most popular MOE grips comes in OD Green which means you can elevate and highlight your build at the same time.

Material: The MOE grip is made out of polymer for reliability, impact resistance, and comfort during use.

Texture: This grip comes with a stippled texture which prevents the shooter's hand from slipping when firing and allows maximum accuracy.

Color: The MOE grip is OD Green, Perfect for helping the furniture of your rifle blend into foliage,

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