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JE Machine Frame Parts Kit for Glock G17 Gen 1-3

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JE Machine Frame Parts Kit for Glock G17 Gen 1-3


A G17 compatible frame parts kit that's OEM and aftermarket compatible!

Complete your Glock G17 Gen 1-3 frame with the JE Machine Frame Parts Kit. Designed for seamless compatibility with G17 OEM components, this complete kit opens the door to limitless customization possibilities for both your existing sidearm and future upgrades. Great for having as a replacement parts kit, building out a custom frame, or upgrading an old one, this kit is a must-have for anyone who owns a Glock 17.

G17 Gen 1-3 OEM Compatibility:
Embrace versatility with the JE Machine Frame Parts Kit, engineered specifically for Glock G17 Gen 1-3 models. Whether you're looking to enhance your existing sidearm or delve into the world of upgrades and aftermarket parts, this kit seamlessly integrates with G17 OEM and aftermarket components. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to tailor your Glock experience to your unique preferences.

Comprehensive Kit for Hassle-Free Assembly:

Experience convenience with a complete kit that makes assembling your frame a one-stop shop. The JE Machine Frame Parts Kit includes everything you need to complete your G17 frame assembly. From essential components to intricate parts, every element is meticulously crafted to ensure a hassle-free and straightforward assembly process. This kit includes the following: slide stop release with spring, locking block pin, magazine release, magazine release spring, slide lock, slide lock spring, trigger housing pin, trigger housing with an ejector, trigger pin, trigger spring, and trigger with trigger bar.

Why buy the JE Machine G17 Compatible Frame Parts Kit?
Whether you're a seasoned Glock aficionado or venturing into the world of DIY firearm customization, the JE Machine Frame Parts Kit for Glock G17 Gen 1-3 provides a gateway to unparalleled versatility and convenience. With G17 OEM compatibility and a comprehensive kit at your disposal, your Glock customization journey starts here. Upgrade, personalize, and make your mark – choose JE Machine for a superior experience.


Brand: JE Machine
Model: Frame Parts Kit for Glock G17 Gen 1-3
Kit Type: Frame Kit
Includes Trigger/Trigger Bar: Yes
Includes Guide Rod & Spring: No
Gen Compatibility: 1, 2, 3
Model Compatibility: 17, 22, 17L, 24
Includes Backplate: No

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