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Matrix Arms Skeletonized (ALPHA) Glock 19 Gen 3 Compatible Pistol Slide - Coyote Brown

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Matrix Arms Skeletonized (ALPHA) Glock 19 Gen 3 Compatible Pistol Slide - Coyote Brown


Never settle for less with the Matrix Coyote Brown RMR-cut Slide!

Experience the Matrix Arms Skeletonized G19 Compatible Slide in a striking Coyote Brown finish, designed to take your shooting game to new heights! 

Whether you're venturing into custom two-toned FDE builds, crafting an all-FDE masterpiece, or upgrading a previous build, this slide is your go-to choice for enhancing both aesthetics and performance.

Unleash Durability and Reliability:
Forged from high-strength 416 stainless steel, this slide is meticulously engineered to withstand relentless shooting sessions with unwavering strength. Its rugged construction ensures reliability even in the harshest conditions, making it a dependable companion for every shooter. With a rugged and stylish Coyote Brown DLC coating, this slide isn't just about looks; it symbolizes durability, toughness, and corrosion resistance, ensuring your sidearm remains resilient against the element and resistant to dings, scratches, and dirt.

Precision Shooting at Your Fingertips:
Featuring an RMR cut, this slide offers seamless integration of red dot optics, delivering the option for rapid target acquisition whether you're a competitive marksman or a tactical enthusiast. Compatible with Glock 19 Gen 3, it opens doors to endless customization possibilities. From aftermarket upgrades to personalized enhancements, it empowers you to fine-tune your sidearm to your precise preferences.

Aesthetic Brilliance Meets Functionality:
The Matrix Arms Skeletonized (ALPHA) slide doesn't merely focus on appearance; it's engineered for peak performance. Window cuts enhance its visual appeal while reducing slide weight, resulting in a snappier feel and quicker follow-up shots. Front and rear serrations provide an enhanced grip and superior operability, ensuring peak performance even in challenging conditions, whether you're navigating dusty environments, dealing with sweaty palms, or enduring the rain.

Why should you buy the Matrix Arms Skeletonized Slide?
The Matrix Arms Skeletonized (ALPHA) G19 Gen 3 Compatible Pistol Slide in Coyote Brown finish is your gateway to unparalleled performance, eye-catching aesthetics, and unwavering reliability. With its robust composition, optic-ready design, and stylish appearance, this slide stands as the ultimate ally, whether you're hitting the range, competing, or relying on your firearm for personal defense.


Brand: Matrix Arms
Model: Skeletonized (ALPHA) Glock 19 Gen 3 Compatible Pistol Slide - Coyote Brown
Gen: 3
Model Compatibility: 19
Color: Coyote Brown DLC Coating
Material: 416 Stainless Steel
Slide Cut: Straight Cut, Ported, Windowed
Optics Ready: Yes
Optics Cut: RMR
Serrations: Rear, Front

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