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Mean Arm's Endomag 9mm 30 Round Pmag Conversion Kit

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Mean Arms Endomag 9mm 30 Round Pmag Conversion Kit


An incredible 9mm conversion kit for your AR-15 PMAGs!

Get more use out of your PMAGs with the Mean Arms Endomag 9mm 30 Round PMAG Conversion Kit, a revolutionary solution that solves your 9MM magazine issues. This kit is designed to enhance your shooting experience by converting your Gen 2/Gen 3 PMAGs into 9mm magazines, making it compatible with both your AR-15 and 9mm upper. With its simplicity and compatibility, you'll be ready to take your shooting game to the next level in no time.

Unlock New Possibilities:
Compatible with Gen 2/Gen 3 PMAGs, the Endomag effortlessly transforms your 5.56/.223 magazine into a 9mm magazine. Whether you're a seasoned shooter looking to diversify your caliber options or a newcomer to the world of firearms, this kit opens up new possibilities, allowing you to use 9MM in an AR-15 without the need for additional magazines.

Effortless Installation:
One of the standout features of the Endomag Conversion Kit is its remarkably easy installation. With a straightforward process, you can convert your PMAG in no time at all. Simply pop out the magazine plate and replace the Pmag spring assembly with the Endomag kit. No complex tools or extensive gunsmithing are required. It's a user-friendly solution that ensures you spend more time shooting and less time tinkering with your firearm.

Seamless AR-15 Integration:
Once installed, the Endomag kit seamlessly integrates with your AR-15 lower and 9mm upper. The transition is so smooth that you'll hardly notice the difference in operation. This ensures a reliable and consistent shooting experience, no matter your caliber preference. The Endomag Conversion Kit is your ticket to versatility and convenience.

The Mean Arms Endomag 9mm 30 Round PMAG Conversion Kit is a game-changer for shooters seeking versatility and ease of use. Its compatibility with Gen 2/Gen 3 PMAGs, straightforward installation, and seamless integration make it the ultimate choice for those looking to expand their firearm capabilities. Whether you're a tactical enthusiast or just looking for a reliable conversion kit, the Endomag delivers on its promise.


Brand: Mean Arms
Model: Endomag 9mm 30 Round Pmag Conversion Kit
Compatibility: Standard AR-15
Type: Magazine Conversion
Tool-Less Install: No

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