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Northtac 'Assault' 1-4x28 Red/Green Illuminated Optic w/Micro Red Dot

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Northtac Assault 1-4x28 Red/Green Illuminated Optic w/Micro Red Dot


An incredible optic that is packed with features!

Take on any mission with the Northtac 'Assault' 1-4x28 Red/Green Illuminated Optic, a versatile and reliable LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic) designed to excel in close-range and mid-range engagements. Packed with features to elevate your shooting experience, this optic is a must-have for your arsenal. Whether you're on the range or out in the wilderness, this optic will help you to ensure that you hit your target with ease.

Variable Zoom for Adaptability:
With its 1-4x variable zoom capability, the Northtac 'Assault' optic provides the flexibility to engage targets at varying distances with precision and confidence. Whether you're in close-quarters combat or engaging targets at midrange distances, this optic delivers incredible adaptability to suit any situation. Designed with a second focal plane reticle and an incredibly generous 5.5" eye relief, this optic ensures consistent reticle size and aiming points throughout the magnification range. The lens diameter is 30mm, while the objective lens has a diameter of 28mm, allowing for good light transmission and a wide field of view. Enjoy optimal eye comfort and reduced eye strain, even during extended shooting sessions.

Dual Illuminated Reticle for Enhanced Visibility:
Featuring a dual-illuminated reticle in green or red, this optic ensures optimal visibility in any lighting condition. The Mil-Dot reticle offers multiple aiming points for range estimation and holdovers. Powered by a CR2032 battery, the illuminated reticle provides crisp aiming points for quick target acquisition and improved accuracy in low-light environments. Furthermore, this optic comes equipped with a micro red dot sight, providing a secondary sight picture for close-quarters engagements. The micro red dot can also be removed and added to a different build or easily be replaced with a Picatinny-mounted alternative.

Locking Adjustment Turrets for Precision Control:
The Northtac 'Assault' optic is equipped with locking adjustment turrets that allow for precise windage and elevation adjustments. Each turret adjusts in 0.5-MOA clicks, enabling shooters to make quick and accurate adjustments on the fly and achieve the perfect zero.

Nitrogen Purged Body for Durability:
Built to withstand harsh conditions, the Northtac 'Assault' optic features a nitrogen-purged body that protects against water intrusion and prevents fogging of the lenses. Shoot with confidence in any environment, knowing your optic is built to endure the rigors of tactical operations.

Included 30mm Optic Mount for Easy Installation:
To ensure hassle-free installation, the Northtac 'Assault' optic comes complete with a 30mm optic mount, allowing for secure attachment to your firearm. With its easily tightened knob-style fasteners, you can attach the optic quickly with nothing more than your fingers. For a tighter fit, simply use a small screwdriver or spare Allen key and insert it into the hole in the side of the knob and tighten it as needed.

Why Choose the Northtac 'Assault' 1-4x28 Optic?
For shooters seeking versatility, reliability, and performance in a single optic package, the Northtac 'Assault' 1-4x28 Red/Green Illuminated Optic with Micro Red Dot is the ultimate choice. Whether you're a weekend warrior, a hunter, or want to start your tactical journey, this optic is easily one of the best bang-for-your-buck optics out there.


Brand: Northtac
Model: Assault 1-4x28 Red/Green Illuminated Optic w/Micro Red Dot
Optic Type: Low Power Variable Optic (LPVO)
Magnification Type: 1-4x
Illumination: Yes
Illumination Color: Red, Green
Battery: CR2032
Tube Diameter: 30
Lens Diameter: 30
Objective Lens: 28mm
MOA-Adjustments: 0.5-MOA Click
Reticle: Mil-Dot
Turrets: Locking
Variable: Yes
Focal Plane: 2nd Focal Plane
Max Elevation: 35MOA
Max Windage: 35MOA
Eye Relief: 5.5

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