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Odd Ball AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher Combo: 'Hardcore Dodgeball'

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Odd Ball AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher Combo: 'Hardcore Dodgeball':

About This Kit

Meet the 'Hardcore Dodgeball' odd-ball combo kit - for having fun on the range while staying protected at the same time! It's always a good time slinging lead at the range, so why not try a massive golf ball? You'll never have as much fun practicing your 'golf swings' as wiith this kit. Please be aware that this kit should not be used to shoot at or near another person, the name of the kit is for humorous purposes only. Be safe, get out on the range, and have some fun! (This kit is not designed to be used on an actual golf course - please use responsibly while you get out there and have a fun day on the gun range!)

NcStar Heavy Duty Steel AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher

Make going to the range fun again with the NcStar Heavy Duty Steel AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher, a game-changer that transforms your range day into an incredibly enjoyable experience. This innovative attachment is designed for one purpose: to send golf balls soaring 400+ yards down range. With its 1/2x28 threading, you can easily attach it to any .223/5.56 barrel for a golf ball-launching adventure that's second to none. PLEASE NOTE: You must only use blank ammunition with this golf ball launcher and NOT live ammunition.

Guard Dog Body Armor Terrier' Plate Carrier - Black

Stay protected without sacrificing agility by using the Guard Dog Body Armor 'Terrier' Minimalist Plate Carrier. Crafted from rugged water-resistant Oxford fabric, this minimalist plate carrier is designed to accommodate most 10"x12" ceramic plates (such as the VISM Level III+ Ceramic Panels), ensuring optimal protection without unnecessary bulk. The MOLLE webbing on the front, back, and top straps allow for customizable attachment of accessories and pouches while the three included MOLLE mag pouches help kickstart your journey. Great for keeping your setup lightweight and maneuverable without sacrificing protection, the Guard Dog 'Terrier' Plate Carrier is the perfect choice for any mission.

VISM Ballistic Soft Panel 10"X12"

Protect yourself from small caliber projectiles or safeguard your fragile possessions with the 10"x12" VISM Ballistic Soft Panel. VISM constructed each of these Armor Plates from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) to create an incredibly lightweight panel that packs quite a punch. This VISM Ballistic Soft Protective Panel is Level IIIA rated, meaning it can stop 9mm and .44 Mag rounds up to 1,400 FPS. However, if you are a law enforcement professional, we recommend seeking a higher grade panel to protect you on duty. That being said, these panels are perfect for backpacks and luggage since they are flexible enough to conform to a variety of shapes. Plus, they're fully sealed for full-fledged protection against liquids and harsh chemicals. Keep yourself or your valuable belongings safe and secure with the assistance of the VISM Ballistic Soft Armor Panel.

Bundle Items:

+ About This Kit

+NcStar Heavy Duty Steel AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher

+Guard Dog Body Armor Terrier' Plate Carrier - Black

+VISM Ballistic Soft Panel 10"X12"

+VISM Ballistic Soft Panel 10"X12"

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