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Omega Mfg. AR-15 Fluted Pistol Tube

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Omega Mfg. AR-15 Fluted Pistol Tube


Transform your build into the best-looking build on the range with the Omega Mfg. AR-15 Fluted Pistol Tube. Meticulously engineered from impact extruded 7075 T6 ASTM Aircraft Grade US Aluminum and designed to be an incredibly stylish upgrade, this fluted pistol buffer tube is a must-have for firearm enthusiasts everywhere.

Unmatched Strength Meets Lightweight Design:
Discover the perfect blend of strength and weightlessness. Crafted from high-grade Impact Extruded 7075 T6 ASTM Aircraft Grade US aluminum, this fluted pistol buffer tube guarantees outstanding durability while casting aside unnecessary bulk. Combined with a Type III hard anodized finish in black provides unparalleled corrosion resistance and remarkable durability, ensuring your Omega Mfg. fluted pistol buffer tube stands the test of time. Whether it be withstanding the elements or enduring the roughest scenarios time and time again, this buffer tube will stand strong for many years to come.

Precision Craftsmanship, Aesthetic Excellence:
No one likes a boring, cookie-cutter-looking build. Design a firearm that will turn heads and revolutionize your build's aesthetic with the Omega Mfg. AR-15 Fluted Pistol Tube. With its precision machined flutes and its sleek black anodized finish, your firearm will look better than ever and be the envy of the range. However, those eye-catching, mouth-watering flutes aren't just for display. Aside from being visually stunning, the fluted design enhances strength and the lightened weight helps shave off a little bit of weight from your AR pistol. Great for combining with pistol stabilizing braces (all NFA rules apply) you can create the ultimate AR pistol that is tailored to your needs and preferences.

From enhancing and transforming your build into a stunning firearm to making sure strength and durability are at the highest they've ever been, make sure to pick up the Omega Manufacturing AR-15 Fluted Pistol Tube and revolutionize your shooting experience.


Brand: Omega Mfg.
Model: AR-15 Fluted Pistol Tube
Type: Pistol

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