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Omega Mfg. Billet Mag Button (Dimple Texture)

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Omega Mfg. Billet Mag Button


A stunning dimpled mag release worthy of your remarkable build!

The first step in transforming your build into a stylish, great-looking build.
Elevate your firearm's aesthetics one step at a time with the Omega Manufacturing Billet Mag Button - with a dimpled texture. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and stylized with a dimpled texture to improve dexterity and style, this mag button will enhance your firearm in both form and function.

Unlock Style and Traction in One:
The dimpled texture serves as a visually striking enhancement while delivering increased grip and easy activation. Designed with a non-exposed threaded hole, the Omega Mfg. Billet Mag Button preserves the clean lines and aesthetic texture of the button. Enjoy the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance without compromising on either. Let's be honest, having a cool-looking build is half the fun of owning a gun.

Expand Your Horizons:
In addition to the Omega Mfg. Billet Mag Button, we have several items and upgrades that help in building out the perfect firearm. From enhanced bolt catches like the AR-15 Matte Black Enhanced Bolt Catch to drop-in triggers and parts like the Shooting Innovations Ar-15 Ambi 60/90 safety selector, you can deck out your build and create a firearm that is custom-tailored to your preference and style.

Aesthetics Meets Functionality, Elevate Your Build:
Compatible with the AR-15 and AR-10/LR-308 platforms, the Omega Mfg. Billet Mag Button (Dimple Texture) is more than an upgrade – it's the start of an incredible transformation. Elevate your firearm's aesthetics and performance with an accessory that refines your build all while keeping things simple, effective, and stylish. Redefine excellence with the Omega Mfg. Billet Mag Button and embrace a new era of precision and style.


Brand: Omega Mfg.
Model: Billet Mag Button
Platform: AR-15, AR-10 / LR-308
Ambidextrous: No
Extended Release Button: No
Texture: Dimpled
Construction: Aluminum
Color: Black

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