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Recoil Technologies "Starship" 5.56 Flash Can in 1/2x28

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Recoil Technologies Flash Can in 1/2x28


Navigate the cosmos of shooting perfection with the Recoil Technologies "Starship" 5.56 Flash Can in 1/2x28. Blast away muzzle flash and improve your tactical edge with this stellar addition to your AR-15 setup.

Embark on an interstellar journey of performance improvement with the Recoil Technologies "Starship" 5.56 Flash Can for your AR-15. Crafted to navigate the cosmos of firearm precision, this hybrid muzzle device features a rugged phosphate finish and a 1/2x28 thread pitch, ready to align with .223 Rem, 5.56 NATO, .224 Valkyrie, and .22LR calibers. Perfect for astute marksmen craving heightened muzzle mastery, it boldly tackles flash signature and blast turbulence, providing a seamless shooting odyssey across all tactical frontiers.

Dual-Purpose Design for Tactical Advantage:
The "Starship" Flash Can combines the benefits of a flash hider and blast can into a single, streamlined unit. Its innovative design redirects escaping gasses away from the shooter's line of sight, minimizing muzzle flash and reducing perceived blast explosion. This dual-functionality not only increases shooting comfort but also promotes faster target acquisition and follow-up shots, making it an ideal choice for competitive shooting and tactical operations where speed and precision are paramount.

Built to Endure, Crafted for Precision:
Crafted from high-quality materials and finished with durable phosphate coating, the "Starship" Flash Can withstands rigorous use and environmental elements. Its sturdy construction grants long-lasting reliability and corrosion resistance, maintaining peak performance under challenging conditions. Whether you're navigating close-quarter engagements or practicing long-range precision shooting, this muzzle device empowers your AR-15 with control and operational versatility.

Why Opt for the Recoil Technologies "Starship" 5.56 Flash Can?
Set your sights on stellar performance with the Recoil Technologies "Starship" 5.56 Flash Can, a cosmic addition to your AR-15 that blends cutting-edge functionality with rugged durability. Crafted for shooters who demand peak performance, it provides muzzle control and minimized signature, all while maintaining a sleek aesthetic appeal. Increase your shooting experience with the confidence that the "Starship" Flash Can is ready to increase your firearm's effectiveness in every scenario, from the range to the great outdoors.


Brand: Recoil Technologies
Model: Flash Can in 1/2x28
Finish: Manganese Phosphate
Platform: AR-15
Thread Pitch: 1/2x28
Caliber Compatibility: .223 Rem, 5.56 NATO, .224 Valkyrie, .22LR
Type: Flash Hider, Blast Can
P&W Ready: No
Name: "Starship"

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