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Strike Industries Gen 3 Standard Mass Driver Comp for Glock 17

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Strike Industries Gen 3 Standard Mass Driver Comp for Glock 17

The Strike Industries Mass Driver Compensator (MDC) represents a quantum leap in compensator design. Current designs have largely been unchanged since the 1930s. It’s about time for something revolutionary. The Mass Driver name is inspired by the idea of theoretical mass driver engines in space travel. By ejecting mass, an equal and opposite reaction is generated propelling the space vehicle forward. The Mass Driver Compensator is driven by the hot gasses expelled through the barrel after the round is discharged, and acts as a counterbalance system to attenuate mechanical recoil. Barrel mounted compensators add reciprocating mass and increase the moment of inertia to the operating system, which can have a negative effect on reliable cycling of recoil operated handguns. By separating the compensator from the operating components after ignition, the MDC allows for close to stock cyclic speeds and reduces reciprocating mass. The compensator of the MDC system has a widened bore to reduce baffle strikes and keyholing rounds along with a 2.5mm relief cut at the top of the rear to reduce “lipping” and damage to the face of the pistol slide. 

Threaded Barrels: Yes, the Mass Driver Comp is compatible with most GLOCKâ„¢ aftermarket threaded barrels. We've tested with the majority of the popular brands on the market but not all. However, we recommend using with non-threaded barrels if possible.

-For GLOCKâ„¢ GEN3, GEN4 or GEN5 G17 (standard) SLIDES
-Holsters: SI Mass Driver Comp sits flush with OEM GLOCKâ„¢ slides and can be used in most open-ended holsters that accommodate compensators

-Recommended torque value for the guide rod nut is 25 lbs/in.
-Use with +P and +P+ 9mm ammo will produce premature internal spring wear and cause failure

-LENGTH: 35.85mm
-WIDTH: 26.10mm
-HEIGHT: 16.25mm
-WEIGHT: 3.2 oz
-WEIGHT w/ PACKAGE: 6.7 oz

-G17 STANDARD: 17 lbs/in.
-G19 COMPACT: 18 lbs/in.