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Strike Industries LINK Anchor Polymer Hand Stop

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Strike Industries LINK Anchor Polymer Hand Stop


Experience a new level of control and comfort with the Strike Industries LINK Anchor Polymer Hand Stop. Meticulously crafted from a heat-resistant polymer, this hand stop is designed to elevate your shooting experience in any condition. Its low-profile design seamlessly mounts to M-Lok or KeyMod rails, offering versatility and adaptability for your firearm customization needs. Great for enhancing control and comfort while shooting, this versatile hand stop is a must-have.

Versatile Mounting Options:
Adaptability meets precision with the LINK Anchor Hand Stop. The low-profile LINK mount design allows seamless mounting through M-Lok or KeyMod openings, giving you the flexibility to customize your firearm according to your preferences. Its compatibility with various rail systems ensures that this hand stop is a perfect addition to your arsenal, regardless of your firearm's configuration.

Reversible Tooth Design for Personalized Grip:
Take control of your shooting experience with the unique tooth design of the SI Hand Stop. This feature allows the hand stop to be reversible, providing you with the option for either a "push" or "pull" style grip - enhancing your comfort and control no matter what shooting style you prefer.

Unmatched Dexterity with Added Ridges:
The LINK Anchor Hand Stop goes beyond the basics, featuring added ridges on its surface for improved dexterity and control. From your palm to your fingertips, experience enhanced control and maneuverability. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a gun enthusiast, these subtle yet effective details make a significant impact on your overall shooting experience.

Why Choose the Strike Industries LINK Anchor Polymer Hand Stop?
The Strike Industries LINK Anchor Hand Stop is a tiny but mighty addition to your build. Offering a comfortable grip, versatile mounting options, a reversible tooth design, and added ridges for enhanced dexterity, this hand stop combines form and function seamlessly. Elevate your shooting performance, embrace an aggressive look, and improve your control with the Strike Industries LINK Anchor Polymer Hand Stop.


Brand: Strike Industries
Model: LINK Anchor Polymer Hand Stop
Grip Type: Handstop
Grip Texture: Stippled
Material: Polymer
Color: Black
Attachment Type: M-Lok, Keymod

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