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Trinity Force QD M-Lok Sling Mount

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Trinity Force QD M-Lok Sling Mount


An M-Lok QD Swivel that delivers exceptional performance!

Master your firearm with the Trinity Force QD M-Lok Sling Mount, a revolutionary addition to your firearm accessories that combines rugged durability with unmatched sling maneuverability. Crafted from steel and designed with an M-Lok mounting system, this mount is engineered to endure the toughest conditions, ensuring reliability and longevity in every situation. Great for AR pistols, rifles, and even shotguns, as long as your firearm has a spare M-Lok slot this QD mount will help take your firearm to the next level.

Built to Last:
Constructed from high-quality steel, the Trinity Force QD M-Lok Sling Mount is a testament to durability. This robust build guarantees that it can withstand the demands of rigorous firearm use without compromise. Whether you're in the field or on the range, this sling mount remains steadfast, ready for any tactical scenario.

Swift and Effortless Sling Manipulation:
The QD (Quick Detach) swivel design of this sling mount is a game-changer for firearm manipulation. The QD swivel allows for easy detachment and reattachment of your sling, providing unparalleled convenience during dynamic situations, all while helping to keep your sling from twisting too much. Swift transitions between different shooting positions become second nature, enhancing your overall control and readiness.

M-Lok Mounting System:
Designed with the M-Lok mounting system, this sling mount brings versatility to a new level. By attaching to spare M-Lok slots, it frees up valuable Picatinny rail space, giving you the flexibility to customize your firearm accessories without compromise. Streamlined and efficient, the M-Lok system ensures a secure and low-profile fit, allowing you to optimize your firearm setup to your preferences.

The Trinity Force QD M-Lok Sling Mount boasts strength, convenience, and versatility. Its steel construction ensures durability and reliability, while the QD swivel design enhances sling manipulation for swift and effortless firearm control. With the M-Lok mounting system, you can achieve a streamlined and customized firearm setup, maximizing your tactical advantage. Elevate your shooting experience with the Trinity Force QD M-Lok Sling Mount—a robust sling mount designed to meet the demands of the modern shooter.


Brand: Trinity Force
Model: QD M-Lok Sling Mount
Color: Black
Mount Type: QD Sling Loop w/ M-Lok Attachment

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